The Ideal Place for your Weeding in Loire Castles region – Relais du Plessis

Organisation de mariage en Touraina

In the heart of the Loire Castle region, with a unique location at the crossroad between Tours and Poitier cities, the Relais du Plessis holidays resort is the ideal romantic and authentic place to celebrate one of the most beautifull day of your life. You can organise at our resort your ceremony, your cocktail or your banquet diner of your dreams !

Before and during the D-Day, you will be helped and guided by our professionnal team, that will be fully dedicated to your event. And in order to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience for you and your guests, the Realais du Plessis resort have large enough accommodation capacity so everybody can sleep on the sport and enjoy the moment !

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Choose Your Reception Hall :

The Relais du Plessis, in the heart of the nature offers you the perfect romantic day. Enjoy a calm resort in Touraine region, where relaxing and ressourcing will be your main concerns.

Offer your guests a unique and memorable moment at the Relais du Plessis holidays resort, an eco-friendly, authentic and wecloming residence !

You are looking for an accommodations just nearby the Loire Castle for your weeding ?  With a capacity of 250 guests, we offer 4 reception rooms from 35 sqm to 250 sqm, depending on the number of guests for your D-Day. Our Lobby space can also welcome everybody for the cocktail time !

We can also offer you alternatives solution if you need a bigger space, at just 1 km from the resort, in the heart of Richelieu…

SuperficyConference Set-upCocktail Set-upBanquet diner Set-up
The Camus Room35 sqm30 guests35 guests30 guests
The Aguesseau Room45 sqm45 guests50 guests30 guests
The Fayet Room80 sqm75 guests120 guests80 guests
The Marie de Médicis Room125 sqm110 guests130 guests100 guests
The Marquee Tent250 sqm200 guests230 guests170 guests

Your Weeding Accommodation :

Cottage 4 et 6 personnes pour séjour de groupe mariage proche Tours

Discover our nature cottages, measuring 45 sqm and that can welcome up to 6 guests. Located in the heart of the Loire Castle region, you will enjoy eco-friendly and fully equipped cottages, especially designed to welcome large families and friend groups for the D-Day, in the authentic atmosphere of the Val de Loire region in France.

Those  high quality standards accommodation, are the ideal place to welcome your entire family and friend during your weeding reception or ceremony ! Our cottages will seduce you with their warm interior design and decoration, as well as with their unique location, nearby Tours and Poitier. 

Our cottages are perfect for couples looking for a romantic  atmosphere,  in the middle of the nature, to organise their weeding ! 

Plan de nos chalets à Rochelieu pour séjour de groupe

A Unique Weeding Banquet Diner :

Whatever the number of guests or the atmosphere you desire to create for your weeding, our professionnal and experienced team helps you to choose your perfect buffet, cocktail, delightful menu as well as culinaries animations, the table decoration etc…

Regarding your requirements and your budget we will establish a personnalized price quote, that we will respect seriously until the D-day. Choose the service that will create the emotion for your weeding reception and ceremony …

Séjour en groupe pour mariage au Relais du Plessis avec restauration

Our restaurant :

The Relais du Plessis restaurant can welcome all your friends and family members for your banquet diner  (up to 110 guests in the covered area and 90 guetss outside during the summer period!) in a modern and warm atmosphere, with a traditionnal gourmet cuisine… avec une cuisine traditionnelle. Savourez la cuisine gastronomique de notre chef et son équipe, qui vous proposent des formules et menus à base de produits locaux savoureux et raffinés pour votre mariage.

Customizable Banquet Diner & Gourmet Cuisine :

You would prefer a thematical and personnalized banquet diner ? We offer a high standards french gourmet cuisine, with private chef services, and customizable regarding your requirements and expectations. A unqiue menu will be created, to offer a unique food experience for your weeding !

It is also possible to enjoy the The Fayet room just nearby the restaurant room and that can welcome up to 60 guests… We can also install a marquee tent to add 260 sqm extra space !

Organisez un séjour de groupe pour le travail avec activités et animations dans résidences

Your Green Weeding Activities & Animations :

Experience the nature and the beauty of our holidays resort surroundings, where the calm and relaxing atmosphere will be your only concerns, to fully seize the day of your weeding.

Welcome your entire friends group and family members in an ideal romantic place nearby Chinon, where a various range of activities will be possible to experience !

The Relais du Plessis offers you an original weeding, so this day will remain unique in everybody’s mind !

Choose your new discovery in the Val de Loire :

Benefit from the expertise and knwoledges of our team to ensure the sucess of your weeding activities organisation ! In the heart of a colorful and animated region, the Relais du Plessis is offering a various range of activities and cultural experiences in the Touraine region surroundings  :

  • Green Weeding & Loire Castle discovering
  • Green Weeding & Touraine region discovering
  • Green Weeding & Vienne and Roman art discovering
  • Green Weeding & eco-friendly tourism
  • Green Weeding & Hiking or biking along the Loire river
  • Green Weeding & cyclotourism
  • Green Weeding & Canoe-Kayak
  • Green Weeding & Horseriding
  • Green Weeding & SPA-Wellness

Relax and get ready for the D-Day  ! 

Mariage dans SPA détente proche Poitiers

The Relais du Plessis Spa center is welcoming wheenever you want with beauty and relaxing sessions, in order to get fully relaxed and ready for the D-Day !

Enjoy and experience a romantic and  relaxing moment, far away from the stress and fully seize the day ! Our  SPA center is the ideal place to ressource yourself  in the middle of the nature and allow you to organise your weeding peacefully with our : SPA, indoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massages, body & face treatments etc…

During your weeding in the heart of the nature, in the Val-de-Loire, with your family and friends, everything have been made to release you from any tiring or stress marks, to get back your energy and feel in harmony with the nature… For your best comfort it is also possible to privatise this space for groups of more than 8 guests and maximum 12 guests.

In a 320 sqm space,  fully dedicated to relaxing moments, our eco-friendly SPA  consist of 10 private cabins for special body treatments such as massages as well as 1 hammam, 1 jacuzzi, 2 saunas and 1 tea place to relax. Choose the formula that wills uists you the best to get ready fornthe D-Day ! Our professionnal beauty team is waiting for you…

Your perfect beauty treatment :

  • Balnoo esthetic : treatment or balneotherapy, biostart, afusion shower, special massages (relaxing, tonic, reinforcing, slimming…).
  • Body treatments : massages, scrubings, wraping, warm stones..
  • Institut treatments: hair removal, face treatments

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